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High Quality HTML5 / CSS3 Code

jQuery Slider, @Font Face & Font Awesome included Compatible with all modern browsers and devices.

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Resizable Fonts

This option will help the use to increase or decrease the font size and will also assure that doing so does not break the layout.

Dropdown Menus

Specify the drop down menus that you will like us to implement in your layout

Non Web Fonts

This option helps you to implement the NON web fonts into your design in such a way that the text is editable as well retains the original look without using any images

SEO Semantic Code

With SEO Semantic Code, be assured that we will code in a way Google loves to see. Most important parts of your content will be codes using high value SEO tags like Underline, heading tags and much more overall improving the readability of your page in a way suited for search engines

Commented Mark Up

The HTML code will be commented and all the structural blocks will be marked perfectly making it readable for future reference

SSI Implementation

This option helps you to define certain parts of your layout like header , footer etc which are common to all the pages to be defined in a separate file. Select yes to implement SSI in your layout.


Import your email template into Hubspot account and make it compliant as per Hubspot requirements

Mailchimp Compatibility

Makes your email newsletter compliant with Mailchimp. Setting up mailchimp template included

Form Validation

This feature allows to check if the user entered valid information, such as an email address, password, phone number, etc. to a web form, before it is sent to the server. The data is processed on client side, which provides better user experience and helps to avoid server overloads.

jQuery Tabs

The tabs area is a container that has multiple panes, i.e. tabs, but shows only one pane at a time. Tabs can change dynamically on some event triggered by a user or automatically. Their usage increases the usability of your website by saving space on your Web page. Tabsswitching can be accompanied by any JavaScript effect if it is required. The quote includes the manual tabs switching with no additional effects applied.

Image Filters

Image Filters help you in showcasing your images in different categories .

jQuery Tool Tip

The tooltip is a graphical user interface element that is triggered when you hover your cursor over an element like a hyperlink or any other page element that triggers a tooltip. It reveals some supplementary information about the element that you can assign to explain to your users what will happen if they click on it.

jQuery Carousel

A carousel gallery is a dynamic gallery that supports an unlimited number of images or videos that can be played in a browser window.

Custom Scroll

If your design includes custom scrollbars, which you would like to use instead of default ones, make sure you select this option


Lightbox is a simple, unobtrusive script used to overlay images on the current page.

jQuery Slider

jQuery Slider helps you to display the banners in your website with great effects which are similar to flash thus avoiding the usage of Flash

Layout Width

Layout Width is used to define the width of the layout. Selecting fixed width will fix your layout to a fixed width while selecting flexible width will resize your layout to fix the client’s browser resolution

Layout Position

Layout Position helps to define the position of the layout on the users monitor

WP Polls

Wp Polls is an Ajax based polling system that helps you display the polls in your wordpress blog / website

Post Rating

This plugin adds an AJAX rating system for the blog post/page.

Site Authors

This option helps you to display the list of authors on your wordpress website

Delivery Method

Select the method in which you want us to deliver your theme


Adds navigation in your page.

Social Share Buttons

This option will add the social sharing button of various websites like Facebook, twitter, linked, etc on each of your posts/ pages


Breadcrumb-navXT helps to display the breadcrumbs. This means that the hierarchy leading to the current page will be shown which is beneficiary in terms of SEO also.

Twitter Tweets

This will be useful in displaying recent tweets from your twitter account on the website sidebar


Add multi lingual facility to your website

Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 is an efficient and enterprise level form making plugin. It includes various features like Form making, Data Storage, Ajax based validation, etc. Select YES to implement Contact Form 7 in your wordpress theme


Subscribe2 is an efficient Email newsletter subscription management and email notification tool. Select yes to implement Subscribe2 in your layout.

WCAG 2.0 (AA) / Section 508

WAI 2.0 / Section 508 makes sure that your website is accessible to users with disabilities. Apart from this , Section 508 is a compliance requirement for USA State Agencies

Advanced Semantic Data

Advanced Semantic Data is useful to enhance the search engine visibility. With Advanced Semantic Data, Mark ups tags are coded in a way that the actual information they contain can easily be communicated with search engines

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